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Subject / Object questions

Choose the correct questions 

Object or Subject questions?

Type in the question words to complete the questions

Quick quiz

Write the question

Click on the words to put them in the correct order

Write a question about the underlined section of each answer

Fill in the gaps with the questions in English about the subject or the object. 


Present continuous games

Do you want to play a game and fling the teacher at the same time? Here you are a very funny game. This will help you to practice the Present Continous Tense. Have fun!

Present Continuous (funny video…)

Watch this video and remember (or learn!!!) this tense:

Time and daily routine

Trabaja las horas y lo que haces durante ellas. El link lo presenta como un libro digital interactivo.

Daily routines vocabulary

to wake up

to get up

to have a shower / bath

to wash your face/hands…

to get dressed / put … on

to have breakfast/lunch/dinner

to brush your teeth

to go to school/home

to get changed

to do your homework

to watch tv

to meet your friends

to go to bed

Telling the time (video) and game

Watch it and remember (…or learn)Clock Tick GIF

and play this game:


Comparatives and superlatives game

Click on the image and play a game:

catch the apple:


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